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Whether it is a Christmas party, a luncheon, an Anniversary or a corporate meeting, we provide the perfect ambience for your event.  We will customize your menu and room layout to ensure your special day unfolds just as you imagined. We take pride in providing attentive friendly service and high attention to detail.

Let us assist you in planning your special day and give us the pleasure of hosting your event.  For more details please contact Erika Banting  at 1-902-542-7696.



Let us help you plan, and create your exceptional day: Tattingstone Inn’s charming decor and enchanting grounds are an ideal setting for your wedding photography, cocktail reception and fine dining.

Enjoy your celebration, as we take special care of you and your guests. Savour in-season gourmet cuisine, infused with local delicacies, knowing you can count on our signature gracious and sophisticated service. Astound those special to you, then highlight the end of such a special day by indulging in a fabulous honeymoon getaway experience in one of our luxury suites.


Treat yourselves with our add-on packages, excursions and offers to make it one of the most divine, romantic and memorable moments ever.

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